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40 Things That Did Not Happen In #SAHipHop2015 - This Weeks Top 10

So in December we going to go through the 40 things that never happened in SA Hip Hop. We'll give you ten things each week and probably go to social media to ask what we could of missed out. So here we go with our first ten.

1.We did not get an AKA, KO and Cassper collaboration nor did the reconciliation last long. Peep the story

2.Tumi and Ifani never made up as far as we know. Peep the story here

3.Bongani Fassie never got a response from AKA, Da Les and the rest of the industry he touched Peep the video here

4.Bongani Fassie's diss song never assisted with his come back.Peep the video here

5.Burna Boy never moved to South Africa

6.Trevor Gumbi x Toll Ass Mo did not want to beef with Blak Lez anymore after they called him out at Da Les All White Party

7.AKA never apologised to BlackCoffee as Euphonik assumed.Peep the story over here

8.Tear Gas never came back together
Peep the story here

9.L-Tido never dropped a single after Dlala Ka Yona as he'd promised. Peep the story here

10.The collaboration featuring Tasman, and Lection from Ntukza didn't see the light of day. Hopefully its stashed for 2016.

Hit us up with more things that never happened in 2015 especially if you watched or read them from the site. If we think its dope we'll post it up on our list next week.