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40 Things That Did Not Happen In #SAHipHop2015 - This Weeks Top 10

So we have been counting down the things that did not happen in SA Hip Hop this year. Click here to see the first 10 things and Click here to see the second 10 things. I think this countdown is a good reflection on the amount of work that our artists have put in 2015. By no means is this list meant to be seen in a negative way. Its just things that did not happen.

Peep this weeks 10 things that did not happen. If at any point you feel we have left something out feel free to comment in the comments section.

21. Major League New Age Kwaito Album Never Dropped

Kicking off the top things which did not happen this week is Major League "New Age Kwaito" album that was said to drop in 2015. Not sure whats happening with this but it would be interesting if they dropped it right now you know.

22. Cassper never dropped Turn Up Gang??

Turn Up Gang is a track that was never dropped by Cassper. But do you remember who gave us this news?
Click here to see the artist who revealed this to us.

23. WTF never found Nomusa

Okay I'm being creative here but WTF never found Nomusa but the dudes did drop their debut album you know and its called "Finding Nomusa" So the real question is where is she?

24. Dj Milkshake was not sorry for leaking x dropping Composure

Dj Milkshake dropped "Composure" and said he is not taking sides when he dropped the record.
Click here to watch the video where Milkshake talks about why he leaked Composure

25. Tumi and Rick beef did not happen

On "Lempitse" Ricky addresses a shot to Tumi which Tumi quickly cleared up and said there is no beef between him and Ricky. Nah fam it never happened.
Click here to see the article where Tumi addresses the alleged beef

26. Maggz album never dropped in 2015

Peeps have been wanting Maggz to drop a full length project but Maggz only dropped a couple of tracks and featured on a bunch of CashTime joints. Watch out for Maggz in 2016 though cause he said the album is coming.
Click here to find out when Maggz album is dropping

27. IAmBoomBoomBass Diss Track "HeirToTheThrone" was not a diss track aimed At Bongani Fassie And Arthur's Son AJ

Remember this story? Yeah it was going to get really heated but Boom Bass assured us that this was not a diss track.
Click here to find out what Boom Bass said about the record

28. AKA was never on Trevor Noah's Daily show he was just there to visit Trevor and showed him love

I was trigger happy when i saw this story and thought that AKA would be on Trevor Noah's "The Daily Show". Guess i got it wrong cause AKA was there to say whats up to Trevor.

Click here read AKA's special message to Trevor Noah

29. We never got a BoyznBucks full length mixtape because the agenda is to build up Solo singles.

The second last thing which did not happen in 2015 which i think should happen is BoyznBucks doing a joint album or tape of sorts. For reasons unknown to man the homies have decided to push their Solo careers. There is also some smart thinking to this. Okamlumkoolkat in an old interview chops up why they are going the solo route.

Watch the interview below.

30. MissCelaneous And MissPattyMonroe beef never amounted to a single x diss track being released

This was set to be the first SA Beef from the ladies. Not sure what happened but maybe things are being cooked up. Who knows??

Click here to see what MissCelaneous sent us which was the sign of the beef with Patty Monroe

If we missed anything hit us up in the comments section.