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3 Reasons Why Hip Hop Will Always Appreciate Booty

Disclaimer: This is an appreciation post x is not meant to increase the thirst bro.

I have been thinking about this topic for a minute now and Slikour has been telling me to be succinct with my pen game cause we may end up talking about thirst instead of thought provoking content which is our mandate here at SlikourOnLife.

Fasten your seatbelt, make sure your work peeps see you read this article and peep these 3 reasons why hip hop loves booty bro. At the end of this please also give us your reasons. I am keen to know what you think of this topic.

1 Booty has always been around

I challenge you to tell me which hip hop video was the first to have booty in it. Its fine I will wait…. Yeah its kind of hard to think about right? I guess booty somehow has always been there in hip hop. I wonder what the first rapper was thinking when they decided to write their raps about booty. Who is this man? Can we find him and ask him what he was thinking though? Its crazy how in 2015 you can almost see x hear booty being mentioned by some of the big time hip hop artists bro.

2 Booty has built rap careers

Insert Nicki Minaj image here bro. Don’t get me wrong Nicki is a dope rapper but she also happens to have the most spoken about booty in hip hop. But is it fair to talk about Nicki Minaj without mentioning her booty? Look man when you want to make it in music you should use anything to make it. To me Nicki used her booty to add to the package (mind the pun) that she is putting across. Niki has crafted her image to the full and her booty is working for her one way or another. And yes Meek Mill knows this.

3 Booty = entertainment value

I think that booty has proved its entertainment value in hip hop. Go ahead and count the YouTube views on Dlala Ka Yona bro. The music video is entertainment through and through and the use of booty in the concept is clever, smart and very strategic from LTido. Dlala Ka Yona is a track that has had a life of its own. The song was dropped a few months ago and the use of booty revived this record in such a smart way that it is currently the most spoken about hip hop music video right now.

These are my 3 reasons and I am keen to hear your reasons why you think Hip Hop loves booty.

Add your comments below in the comments section.

Whatever you do though make sure its thought provoking minus the thirst bro.