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2016 Top 10 Hip Hop Sangoma Predictions, The Bones Say...........

So its on we into the new year so lets predict what the future will look like and probably what we'd like the future to look like.
Obviously these are Sangoma predictions and we can sometimes get it completely right or the opposite.

As I throw my bones I see.


Kwesta dropping the second disk from Dakar 2. Our bones say it will be received better in the market especially cause of the features and the timing.


AKA will drop another solid album we predict it wont be as themed as the previous album. You know how he was taking house songs and twisting them to hip hop in the previous one. Our bones say thats not happening what they do say though is with everything thats happened last year he'll have a more introspective album which means more depth.

Cassper Nyovest:

After all the work he did last year Cassper Nyovest probably wont release anything new. Our bones say that this year he'll focus on pushing more singles from Refiloe and Cooking In The Kitchen could be one of the biggest priority for him this year. The bones also say that #FillUpTheDome will move from the dome to your nearest DVD player. In other words a DVD might be released sorry for speaking in tongues.


The bones say that they'll be an onslaught of Cashtime vocab from the ghetto friendly Ma-E to Soweto friendly Maggz and the new school friendly Kid X. They say there's a possible album from Ma- E and Maggz between the first and second quarter...... Oh hold up whats that the bones just revealed? We see a huge performance opportunity for KO somewhere in the world.


With the brilliant videos Riky has been delivering over the past two years the bones say he'll be taking his talents to the screen. They say a movie,documentary or something thats related with visuals is not the way and yes we might also see a music project.

Nasty C:

Nasty C has been under pressure to drop something new but our bones tell us that he might drop a full album mid year. A lyricist of his calibre needs all the time to prepare an album the bones say.

Gigi Lamayne:

Gigi used the Baddest remix to her advantage by remaining consistent She dropped a single featuring WTF, had her personal educational triumph which she shared with us and the 2015 Channel O wrap up. The bones say see Gigi will come into her own this year and although she spits hard in a mainstream industry of copy cats she'll stand out cause of her X factor which will be a story that will intrigue many. This accompanied by the right songs will see Gigi reigning in 2016.

Nadia Nakai:

The bones say that Nadia will focus on more music this year, her move to Cassper Nyovest's Family Tree team is a sign. Nadia's work ethic cant be questioned and like Gigi all she need is the right song. She has a team accustomed to managing a superstar so all she needs is the music.


The bones dont see this album happening, infact they predict that the solo members will get bigger in their own capacity and the group will slowly disintegrate with the name remaining.

Priddy Ugly:

The bones say an EP is coming.

What are your bones saying throw them on our comments and lets come back to this post this time next year.